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  1. Excerpt from Sirens I, 2023, HD, Stereo sound, 7.45 mins

    Part of the Soundings project

    Sirens is a triptych of short films where we witness an encounter between a dancer and three creatures from the deep-sea. The music and performer’s movements offer the audience a portal for connection.

    The Sirens are part of the research and development stage of artist Emma Critchley’s ongoing investigative project Soundings, which explores how film, sound and dance might be used to connect us with the deep ocean and bring to light the pressing issue of deep-sea mining.

    Soundings encompasses multiple research methods including film-making, choreography and a series of public engagement events about deep-sea mining and our relationship to the deep-ocean. The engagement events bring together the public with marine biologists, ocean law experts, activists and rare specimens from abyssal plains to create a space for discussion and exchange. The resulting major new film installation (due to be completed in 2024) will explore the imminent gold rush of deep-sea mining for rare-earth minerals and the ecological, geopolitical, cultural, social and economic concerns at stake. The work will provide a moment of reflection for us to consider our relationship with the deep and all life that exists there.

    was created through working in collaboration with dancer Maya Carroll in the studio space at South East Dance, with choreography consultation from Siobhan Davies.

    Deep sea creature footage generously supplied by: USA based NOAA Ocean Exploration and The Ocean Exploration Trust.

    Music by Stefan Smith & Lucy Railton.

    Soundings is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and realised in partnership with South East Dance, John Hansard Gallery, Quay Arts, and TBA21–Academy.