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  1. The Breath
    Emma Critchley

    The breath, a continuous rhythm of an inhale followed by an exhale that each of us adhere to. At times we are more conscious of its presence than others, when it fades into the background, like a shadow that moves harmoniously with our body.


    The breath, an exchange, an invisible circulation, an ebb and flow that allows for the continuation of life. Its path provides a link between internal and external. Like a silken thread it elegantly weaves its way, stitching body to environment, reminding us of our dependence on that which surrounds us. External enters internal. Internal reaches to external. It is like a free spirit, an embodiment of life, freely flowing, rhythmically playing between worlds.


    The breath, something so discrete but yet which bares such a heavy burden. Its lightness feels seemingly un-phased by the weight of responsibility it holds. But what comes with such simplicity is the profundity of when the fragile balance is broken.


    An inhale without and exhale.


    An exhale without breathing in.