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  1. Do You Know Nothing? Do You See Nothing? Do You Remember, Nothing?, Installation, 2018

    Site-specific installation created for the exhibition 'At The Violet Hour' at the Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate where artists were asked to respond to T.S. Elliot's poem 'The Wasteland'. The room responds to the dislocating sense of time in the chapter A Game Of Chess and the sense of critical exhaustion that resonates throughout the poem. Critchley considers this in relation to the current environmental situation where there is a strange conflation of future and present, as climatically things are changing so rapidly. The work takes references from the opening scene depicted in the chapter but also accentuates what was already happening in the hotel room. Critchley is interested in the psychology of our response to climate change; how environmental catastrophes are playing out around us, yet for the most part in the west we remain disengaged and indifferent. The room has become a space that floods at high tide, where the person has adjusted to a make shift way of living with this continual flooding.